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About Us

Small businesses reflect the American dream which is a good idea. Building a Legacy.


The erudite beacon guiding towards horizons of innovation, where each idea is a brilliant spark.


The courageous currency investing in audacity, yielding dividends of enduring achievements.


The intangible yet potent echo of earned trust, constructing an impeccable legacy in every commitment.

About HCC Holding Group

A group of companies that operates in diverse sectors, with a high level of quality and responsibility.

HCC Holding Group inc, is a Holding Company since 2018. Our purpose is to create and manage with our own capital, small businesses, in various areas, making optimal capital management for the expansion of the corporation.

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Our Mission

We believe innovation is changing lives and businesses, creating opportunities to own tomorrow’s disruptors by investing in the future today. Small businesses are an indispensable part of the United States economy. They contribute approximately 44% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), GDP is the total market value of goods and services produced in the country. Our commitment is to manage capital intelligently to invest and acquire small businesses, where we will diversify in different areas and sectors of the economy, thus generating jobs and contributing to the local economy.


Establish, in a period of 3 years, a work model that allows us to bring efficiency and quality to our clients.


  • Hard work
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty

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